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Originally posted here Texas Congressman Ron Paul has won probably the biggest political victory of his three tenures in the House of Representatives with the passage of HR 459. The bill would allow the GAO to do a full audit of the Federal Reserve System, otherwise known as the Central Bank of the United States. […]

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I’ve been the first to admit I don’t know who I’m voting for in November. While Romney has been saying the right things, I’m not sure he’ll stick to them once he’s in office. I certainly have no plans to vote for President Obama because I think he’ll bankrupt us. There is a viable alternative […]

I don’t know who to vote for this year. Having to decide between Mitt Romney and Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, is going to be extremely tough. I don’t agree with Romney on social policy, and I have serious concerns he’ll abandon the conservatism he supposedly holds dear. With Johnson, I don’t agree with him […]

  …does it mean if I get Obama’s, Romney’s and Santorum’s that Gary Johnson wins? And would that be so bad? 😉

Interesting conversation with one of  my sisters regarding political candidates. She basically floated the idea that solutions don’t matter when choosing one. I hadn’t thought about this, although it would certainly seem possible given how President Obama didn’t present a lot of solutions during the 2008 campaign (save for hope and change). Of course, Senator […]

Newt Gingrich can hear it everywhere. People from all sides of the political spectrum telling him to drop out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Especially after he lost Alabama and Mississippi, two states which border his home state of Georgia. Matt K. Lewis brings up an excellent point in saying it’s time for […]