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Once I got a hold of Twitter support they were big help. Nice to be out of Twitter Gulag. It exists. It needs to end. Free speech is free speech. Even if you don’t agree with it. Advertisements

I don’t always agree with John Nolte because I think he looks for controversy and liberal bias a little too much. But this May 16th article is right on the money. Wish Twitter saw it that way. Yes my account is still suspended. Someone I agree with a lot is Matt K. Lewis, who had […]

Dear Messrs. Costello, Dorsey, Williams, Stone and the entire Twitter staff, I would first like to congratulate you all on the creation and use of Twitter. It is a fantastic website and social networking tool. I have chatted with authors, actors, political commentators, news reporters and bloggers since I created my @eyedesertblog account in late […]