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I don’t always agree with John Nolte because I think he looks for controversy and liberal bias a little too much. But this May 16th article is right on the money. Wish Twitter saw it that way. Yes my account is still suspended. Someone I agree with a lot is Matt K. Lewis, who had […]

But I do have FOUR Andrew Breitbart memorial shirts. I think the aforementioned Matt K. Lewis was absolutely correct in saying Breitbart could be the new conservative “rock star.” Dave Weigel also had it. His name is still coming up after all. I wonder if me having these four shirts is why I’m STILL in […]

I’ve been really busy the last couple weeks which is why there have been so few and far between posts. But with the firing of Keith Olbermann by Current TV and subsequent lawsuits by both parties, I just can’t help it. I’m not going to do a big point by point analysis of Olbermann’s lawsuit. […]

Comic Books


One of my favorite things to do, outside of discussing politics, is reading. Specifically comic books. They keep me sane and cause me to have to stretch my imagination to believe things that either can’t happen or haven’t happened yet. In the middle of last year, DC Comics did a pretty impressive thing by rebooting […]

Both were really, really good. I definitely recommend them.

Hmmm…..   Yeah, same vein. Probably won’t see. Still amusing moments.