Joe Walsh vs. The Media


Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh is in a fierce battle for his political life against Democratic challenger Tammy Duckworth. On Friday, CNN called it the “nastiest race of 2012,” but I’m not sure I agree with that.

The reason for this CNN’s assertion is because Walsh told an audience that all Duckworth likes to talk about is her service. I wouldn’t have said it this way, but I can understand why Walsh said it. He obviously wants the race to be a debate about policy. If he can show the difference between his beliefs and Duckworth’s he might be able to win.

The problem is now the race is about Walsh’s comments regarding Duckworth’s service and not the issues. This is obviously something Duckworth wants because she’s a double-amputee who fought in Iraq and Walsh didn’t.

However, that doesn’t give CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield the right to get into a screaming match with Walsh on the air. It was entertaining television, but makes Banfield look bad. Actually it makes her look horribly biased.

The full interview is below:

Business Inside called Walsh’s appearance a “freak out,” I think it was Banfield who freaked out more than Walsh. She’s a news anchor and not supposed to get into fights on air. It’s disrespectful. There’s nothing wrong with asking tough questions, but getting into a shouting match does nothing to help. Were Banfield a “host” ala Bill O’Reilly or Chris Matthews, I’d have no problem with what happened. However, she’s an anchor and billed as one by CNN.

Duckworth appeared on Wolf Blitzer on Friday and had a much most even keel interview. The two are supposedly debating live on CNN at some point, so that could be even more interesting.

If the two talk policy, though, it’s obvious I agree with Walsh more than Duckworth. He just needs a better filter. He also needs to hope his district will understand why Congressman aren’t supposed to bring money into their district, but follow the Constitution.

But…it IS Illinois. 😉


3 Responses to “Joe Walsh vs. The Media”

  1. “Actually it makes her look horribly unbiased.”

    I think you meant that it makes her look horribly biased (me just being pedantic).

    Yeah, I looked at the video and from where I sit it seems that Ashley was not going to let Walsh just give his talking points and call it day. Not sure what she was supposed to do given the fact that every time she tried to ask a tough question, he would start shouting her name.

    • Whoops! Thanks for the correction.

    • Banfield was a little jerky through the entire interview. Yeah Walsh was sticking to his talking points. However, Walsh is known to say what he means, so I doubt there was more of a reason than that.

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