An Open Letter to Twitter

Dear Messrs. Costello, Dorsey, Williams, Stone and the entire Twitter staff,
I would first like to congratulate you all on the creation and use of Twitter. It is a fantastic website and social networking tool. I have chatted with authors, actors, political commentators, news reporters and bloggers since I created my @eyedesertblog account in late April/early May of this year.
However, I am extremely concerned, and admittedly frustrated, regarding an incident on May 31st. Much like hundreds of accounts per day, my account was suspended. This suspension was unjustified and much like the suspensions of @ChrisLoesch, @GOPFirecracker, @OrwellForce, @GlockandPearls, @gingtreshall, @JJumpJoy, @FaerieRealms and dozens of others. I am not one for conspiracy theories, but all of these accounts are run by either conservative or libertarians. Now, your support team has done a very good job in freeing some accounts which have been placed in what’s now known as the “Twitter Gulag.” I am still very concerned that these users could be being targeted by an unknown group looking to keep them silent.
My frustration comes from the fact I have appealed my suspensions three times, twice on June 1st and once on June 8th, and have, sadly, not heard one word from the support staff.  I am hoping the fourth one, filed on June 9th will be the last I have to file. I understand how busy the staff is and believe they are doing their best at filtering out the justified suspensions from the unjust ones.
My concern is the fact that twice, my replies appealing my suspension have been bounced back to my email account. The email address I am receiving my replies from is from a <NAME-REDACTED>, which I believe is the correct address. The other time I appealed my suspension I did not hear at all from the Twitter support staff after a week of waiting.
I am very concerned there may be a flaw in your reporting system and other Twitter users may have fallen within this problem as well. I am hoping this letter will encourage you to check into this problem and fix it.
Again, I think Twitter is a fantastic social media tool which I hope is around for years to come. I believe cases like mine are rare, but my frustration has gotten to the point where I am considering halting all appeals and letting my account expire. I ask you to again, please look into this situation and make sure there are not other users running into this situation.
Thank you for your time.
A very frustrated, and still suspended, user.

2 Responses to “An Open Letter to Twitter”

  1. 1 Lu

    Thank you for writing this letter! I, too, am a conservative whose Twitter account was suspended with no letter of explanation from Twitter. I appealed, received an email from Twitter indicating the account would be unsuspended within 24 hours, and the account was not re-opened. I again appealed, received an email from Twitter indicating the account would be unsuspended within 24 hours, and the account was not re-opened. I appealed for a third time, but I haven’t heard anything from Twitter.

  2. Reblogged this on American Infidels and commented:
    Free me too dhimmi’s, I mean Twitter staff… If the Muslims cant take a joke well then they need to lay off the inbreeding, pedophelia and assorted terrorism then..

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