My Election 2012 Dilemma


I don’t know who to vote for this year. Having to decide between Mitt Romney and Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, is going to be extremely tough.

I don’t agree with Romney on social policy, and I have serious concerns he’ll abandon the conservatism he supposedly holds dear. With Johnson, I don’t agree with him 100% either but I agree with him more than I don’t. Johnson has a pretty good candidate comparison chart on his website.

So my conundrum is simple: vote for someone who might actually defeat Obama or someone who, unfortunately, has no chance.

A friend of mine has said a vote for Johnson is really a vote for Obama. That really is something to consider. While I don’t want another four years of Obama, I’m not sure four years of Mitt Romney is the right choice.

Especially after Jimmy Carter’s appearance on MSNBC when he said this:

I doubt a lot people said that about Reagan in 1980.

In 2008, I voted for John McCain because I liked Sarah Palin. Her positions were closer to mine than McCain’s and she really didn’t seem like a politician. So it’s possible Romney will have to make a good VP pick to get my support.

If it’s someone like Rand Paul or Mitch Daniels, Romney might have my vote. However, Rand Paul is more important in Congress and I doubt Romney picks him. I know a lot of people like Daniels, but his personality has been criticized for being too bland.

If Romney picks Rick Santorum or Tim Pawlenty, I’ll probably vote Johnson. Especially if it’s Santorum. It’s too much of a social conservative ticket, and I really think that’s the wrong way to go. It’s not the federal government’s job to determine social issues like gay marriage or abortion. That’s best left to the state.

Chris Christie is a bit of a wild card. I like his personality and his willingness to stand up to critics. But Christie has some positions which could cause concern within some circles of the GOP. He’s in favor of New Jersey’s strict gun laws and his immigration policy is a little weak. There were also questions about some campaign donations Christie received. He is apparently one of the top choices for voters, but now might not be the right time.

Defeating Obama is important. I’m just not sure it’s really worth going for a Massachusetts moderate when there are better choices out there. Even if one of them has no shot whatsoever.


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