The Stupidest Political Comments Of The Month


Politics has always been dirty. If you look back at history, the National Gazette accused George Washington of being a monarch after  his second inauguration. There were also mobs calling for his head in 1794 for staying neutral in one of the many wars between France and England. Both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson wrote nasty editorials about the other. And that’s just in the first eight years of the country’s existence. So I understand there’s going to be  inflammatory statements. It’s politics.

But in the last month there have been some absolutely asinine comments.

MSNBC’s Martin Bashir is the first example because he thinks Mitt Romney shouldn’t be abstaining from alcohol.

I think an  article by New York Times’ Timothy Egan played a role in Bashir’s thinking. While I hope Egan was being slightly sarcastic, saying someone could be a “bad president” because they don’t drink is ludicrous. That’s like saying Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore were bad presidents because they were Whigs.

I somehow doubt either Bashir or Egan looked at a 2009 Slate article on alcohol in the White House. It mostly focused on JFK, LBJ and Nixon. All served alcohol in the White House, but LBJ and Nixon particularly enjoyed it.

LBJ lasted just one term and grew the federal government extensively. He also expanded the war in Vietnam. Nixon tried to cover up Watergate and had to resign to avoid impeachment.  Can you honestly say both were “great presidents?”

This entire notion of comparing presidential success to how much alcohol someone drinks is just foolish. If someone likes alcohol, great. If not, it’s their choice. I really don’t care.

The other asinine comments have to do with dogs. Specifically the relationships dogs have had with Mitt Romney and President Obama.

In case no one knew, Romney’s dog spent several hours in a carrier on top of his vehicle 1983. I admit it’s a little weird to put a dog on top of a station wagon. But what happened has spawned several websites, including “Dogs Against Romney.” I really don’t get why this is an issue. I wonder if those complaining how Romney treated his dog would be okay with one of Romney’s CHILDREN being in a crate on top of the car. Or his wife. The answer is obviously no but the fact it’s become a campaign issue for some people is just stupid.

Romney’s dog incident has generated an online reaction from conservatives and libertarians. Jim Treacher was the first person to point this out, but at some point during Obama’s youth he ate a dog. And mentioned it in his book about his time in Indonesia.

The “shocking revelation” has spawned its own Twitter hashtag #ObamaEatsDogs. At first, the comments were kind of amusing and a bit snarky. But this is getting really old and I really don’t care that Obama ate a dog while in Indonesia. It is a little strange that Obama addressed it during the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, but that’s his choice.

The point is, there are more important issues going on. The government is unpopular, the debt is soaring and an EPA administrator said he wanted to crucify oil and gas companies.  There’s also First Lady Michelle Obama’s $1-million taxpayer funded vacation with her kids and the possibility of another Secret Service scandal.

If the political season is going to be filled with “Obama ate a dog” and “Romney hates alcohol and dogs” comments, I’m checking out until after November. If not longer.

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