The Non-Existent Wars On Women And Moms


News flash to Democrats: There is no Republican war on women. Despite what some people might think, there is no GOP war on women.

News flash to Republicans: There is no Democrat war on moms. Despite what some people might think, there is no Democrat war on moms.

For one, it makes no sense for either party to be against women or moms. It siphons what’s become a key demographic for both camps. Candidates want to make sure they get as many votes as possible. Which means it makes no sense for either side to “engage in a political war” of some kind, unless it’s defending the Constitution.

Secondly, this kerfuffle over a which side is at war with women or moms is just stupid. As James Polous wrote in Forbes, the U.S. has an economy that is still sluggish and the global economy is even worse. Matt K. Lewis makes a similar point in The Daily Caller saying the more important things going on right now like North Korea’s failed missile launch and the entitlement system. Even Politco added a great editorial talking about why the economy is the main focus on women. I’d like to add some idiotic Secret Service members to the list (although that’s near the bottom).

What Hilary Rosen said on CNN was stupid. Saying Ann Romney doesn’t know anything about working because she stayed at home just makes no sense and is wrong. And a lot of Democrats disagree with her.  There are a few Democrats who think stay-at-home moms don’t have “a real job” and how it was great for her to say that. One of them, as Michelle Malkin points out, is married to the Democratic presidential candidate from 2004. But they appear to be few and far between.  I know a lot of Democrats who, wrongly, think there’s a war on women.

But I don’t know many Republicans who believe there’s a war on moms. They seem to be more focused on the economy, on reducing taxes, spending and, depending on the candidate, social issues. I just hope they don’t start focusing more on this “war on moms” more when it’s not worth it.

My dad likes to say, respond and don’t react. And he’s right. The big focus needs to be the economy, growing government and the national debt. Talk about the differences between Republicans and Democrats, why expanding the government is a bad idea and why lowering taxes will give people more money (even, gasp, the rich).

Although I have to admit, Mitt Romney’s new bumper sticker is pretty funny. And smart.

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