Keith Olberman vs. Current TV


I’ve been really busy the last couple weeks which is why there have been so few and far between posts.

But with the firing of Keith Olbermann by Current TV and subsequent lawsuits by both parties, I just can’t help it.

I’m not going to do a big point by point analysis of Olbermann’s lawsuit. Those can be found here, here and here.

But when I read stuff that Olbermann says about Current TV Vice Chairman Joel Hyatt like this:

Hyatt also attempted to isolate Olbermann from his professional representatives in an awkward attempt to form a close personal friendship with his new star. When Olbermann did not reciprocate Hyatt’s advances, Hyatt reacted by withholding necessary production resources, disparaging Olbermann in the press, denying him his contractually guaranteed editorial control over Current’s election coverage and the Program Website, failing to obtain Olbermann’s approval over the use of Olbermann’s image and the guest hosts of the program, cutting out Olbermann of internal discussions regarding other programs on Current, and directing Current’s attorneys to harass Olbermann with vague and spurious claims of breach.

And see comments by Olbermann on “The Late Show with Dave Letterman” like this:

I just can’t help but feel bad for Al Gore.

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