Romney Detractors = Birthers?


The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin is comparing conservatives who doubt Mitt Romney’s conservative beliefs to those who think President Obama isn’t American.

From the WaPost (emphasis mine):

This does NOT mean that the base doesn’t matter. It does, and Romney has done a solid job of winning it over and will need to turn the voters out in the fall. (Turnout was up 75 percent in Wisconsin, so Romney’s doing a credible job already.) But the mistake, I would suggest, voters and candidates have made is in taking the conservative dead-enders seriously. Like birthers, they are immune to facts (yes, the delegate math has meant it’s been over for weeks now) and have an agenda that can be entirely at odds with the interests of the GOP and even the conservative movement. The 2012 campaign has, in this regard, been a clarifying experience.

The short answer to Rubin’s comments is of course, no Romney detractors aren’t birthers. I really think she’s missing the point regarding concerns conservatives have had over Romney. While governor of Massachusetts he not only raised taxes but also raised fees to balance the budget. That’s not ignoring facts, that’s pointing them out. The Obama birth certificate has been released several times and those who question it’s legitimacy are pretty much being ignored.

There are those (myself included) who question whether Romney is actually conservative because of his recent electoral past. I think these are legitimate, well-thought of questions which he’s done an okay job at answering. Romney has said things people want him to hear, like in his 2012 CPAC speech.  But he’s a little bit of a flip flopper, like being pro-choice in 2002 and pro-life 2005, and the passage of Romneycare. It doesn’t help to make nonsensical comments (anyone remember the ten-thousand-dollar bet offer towards Rick Perry).

He’s also pretty much ignored conservative bloggers and talk show hosts, preferring to be interviewed on Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS or appear at high profile speaking engagements. That’s a pretty big reason why Romney hasn’t done well in the South and Rick Santorum/Newt Gingrich have. They’ve been accessible, Romney hasn’t. Not everyone goes to rallies or goes to events or watches TV. Some people care more about getting their information off the Internet or talk radio. So if Romney doesn’t show up, no one will listen.

It’s fine for Rubin to be a Romney cheerleader. But comparing conservative skeptics with birthers is a straw man argument.

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  1. 1 George Wayne

    Mitt you tube FUNNY

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