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But reading “We The Living” really makes me happy I  live in a right to work state. Or Soviet Russia. I’m not even done with the book and I feel so horribly sad and angry. Advertisements

Politics has always been dirty. If you look back at history, the National Gazette accused George Washington of being a monarch after  his second inauguration. There were also mobs calling for his head in 1794 for staying neutral in one of the many wars between France and England. Both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson wrote […]

Big stick? Big f’n deal?

An H.K. USP .45 compact to be exact. The H.K USP . 45 compact seen above. I never thought I’d own a gun, even though I’ve been interested since probably 2000/2001. I never went through with the purchase because guns scared me. I’m still kinda nervous owning one, even if I’ve temporarily named her “Jenn.” […]

H/T Galtsgirl

I’ve really been trying to figure out which “scandal” is more important: the GSA spending one or the Secret Service-Colombian prostitution one? From a short term standpoint, both are pretty bad. Both government organizations showed reckless behavior. The GSA spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on a conference/party. The Secret Service hired prostitutes while […]

Really…? Look, I don’t really care about Mitt Romney’s Mormonism, even if I don’t agree with it. And I know you’re trying to make a point about liars. But going this far…no…not a good idea. H/T  Real Clear Politics, The Daily Caller